Writing for a living

I want to get out of the 9-5. I don’t want to get up before sunrise ever again if I can possibly help it. And so, I’m going to write.

Your first million words are practice, they say. Who “they” are is a mystery, of course, but a million is nice and big and round and obvious, so I’m sure quite a few people said it “first”. Those million words are the first reason it’s going to be hard.

The second reason is that I really should be learning to code instead. I can code passably, and it opens a lot of doors, some of which will let me work in my pyjamas. But I have a head start on writing. Every weird five-sentence text I’ve ever sent has been practice. Every half-finished blog post in a thousand defunct blogs. Every tweet. And I can always learn to code next year.

The third reason this will be hard is that I am tired, and depressed. Some days I have a myriad thoughts buzzing around my head, but when I put the pen to the paper I can only think of lying down and forgetting about the world. I don’t know how to fix this other than perseverance and tea. Let’s hope that is enough.

By this time in 2016, I hope to have “Professional Opinion Slinger” in that tag line up there. “I was in The Toast Once” would also do.


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